Home waste disposal

Our home drop-off service is simple and flexible.

Each subscription can be cancelled at any time (minimum 3 months).

Your only task is to throw all of your mixed recyclables into the bins provided and then place them in front of your home on your scheduled collection day.

Characteristics of the bins

- Bin capacity: 60L

- Number of bins with subscription: 4

Included in the subscription:
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Glasses
  • Aluminium
  • PETs
  • Plastics
  • Coffee capsule (in plastic bag)

All bins are disinfected after each use.

Additional benefits:
  • Compost (from 19.-)
  • Bulky (price according to weight)
  • Household appliances (10.-)

prix par bac supplémentaire

  • 60L: 10.- the bac

We also offer services for:

  • Your green waste (compost, branches, etc.) dès 40.-
  • Clear your events dès 40.-